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Reviews and Clippings

“Span has written When the Time Comes, a welcome ‘support group in print’ for anyone with aging parents. She leads a compassionate and eyes-wide-open journey with families struggling to do the right thing from the car-key moment to hospice.” 
--Ellen Goodman, syndicated columnist

"When the Time Comes is a beautifully written, heartfelt narrative filled with facts and advice from experts but also moving stories of care-giving . . . the right mix of information and emotional support, even if some of the stories might induce tears.”
— Michelle Singletary, Washington Post

"When the Time Comes offers a realistic look at the challenges of caring for an aging parent that is both hopeful and practical.”
— Dr. Peter Rabins, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, coauthor of The 36-Hour Day

"Paula Span’s informative and well-crafted book about families responding to the needs of frail and aging parents was just what we needed . . . This book is a gift basket of great information . . . Thank you, Paula. I’m going to give a copy of your book to all my children."
--Dr. Jane Duhl,

“Paula Span has animated the landscape of today’s America through the stories of adult children and their parents struggling with the challenges of being old—deciding where to live, understanding the choices that exist, recognizing the sacrifices and rewards families experience along the way. When the Time Comes will give you both perspective and information that will illuminate your way.”
— Phyllis Mensh Brostoff, President,
 National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers

“A comprehensive and intelligent overview . . . This book serves as a perfect introduction for individuals anticipating the challenge of eldercare, as well as those in the midst of the experience. The author illustrates through poignant stories of older adults and families the stress, exhaustion and satisfaction woven into the caregiving experience. Warm, clear and refreshing.”
— Dr. Kenneth L. Minaker, Chief of Geriatrics, Massachusetts General Hospital

"Both an informative guide and a compassionate, inspiring read."
—AARP Bulletin Today

“Useful for anyone facing one of the most difficult periods in their lives: how to deal with an aging, ailing parent who needs help inside or outside the home. Through interviews and anecdotes, Paula Span explores the many options available, provides comfort, answers questions, and helps you feel not so alone while making these monumental decisions.”
— Mary Ellen Geist, author of Measure of the Heart

“This scrupulously reported, well-written book will give heart to all those good sons and daughters who suddenly find themselves in charge of failing elderly parents and are trying their very best to do right by everyone involved.”
— Michael Winerip, author of 9 Highland Road

  When the Time Comes -Paula Span