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For everyone worrying about an elderly parent

Paula Span

I’ve put this site together to tell readers about my book, “When the Time Comes,” and about myself.  I also want to introduce some of the families whose stories the book chronicles. How to care for our parents as they age looms as a significant question in most of our lives. My hope is that we can learn from one another. 

Paula Span
Author and journalist

  When the Time Comes -Paula Span

If you’ve read something provocative, thoughtful or mildly outrageous about health care in recent years (sample headline: “Why I Hope to Die at 75”), there’s a decent chance the author was bioethicist Ezekiel Emanuel, M.D. — oncologist, White House adviser on Obamacare and talking head. In this extensive interview with veteran journalist Paula Span, Dr. Emanuel discusses his pride in the Affordable Care Act, his controversial views on physician-assisted suicide (“a big, big distraction”), and his childhood with brothers Rahm, now mayor of Chicago, and Ari, the Hollywood uber-agent. Plus, raisin challah French toast. Part of Amazon's monthly series of Kindle Singles Interviews, it is downloadable to any device -- desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, e-readers -- for 99 cents.


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